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Hoy hace un año

Hombres G

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Letra de la canción Hoy hace un año

Today, a year ago, the streets have seen me cold ...
Girls down the hill ... in uniform ...
People running, and the rain is soaking the park ...
But today, i've done wrong today, i'm crying ...
Bus pass and not splashing ... i do not download
Smell of a wet city is choking me and you ... not come.

I go running to the park to see if you are ...
Today is not anyone in the dark ...
Only those macarro ... you see that far ... you see the back
And will be ... more than nine ... will call you at home and ...

You ... 're not at home, god knows what you will lie
Seal your friends, they laugh when they see me move
Otherwise i puff my cigar and i am going alone .... at the bar.

But today, they are also, i know that never again
I have been an asshole for wanting to make so happy
But now i know i have to kill the snake in you

We no longer see me ever again.
Footprints in the park will be deleted
You can close your eyes ... you can kiss other
You do not need to hide because today, a year ago ...

Y yo no, no, no ... you call ... (call. ..)
I'll call you ... (call. ..)
Today ... a year ago ...
Today ... a year ago ...

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