Ready to love again


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I think of the things weve said and

done now that our love is on the run

Ill do anything to get you back cause

baby I love you.

Im sorry if I ever made you sad, you

are the best thing I ever had, I want

you to know youre still the one

cause baby I need you.

I wanna be there to hold you when

the rain falls around you thogether,

forever, this was meant to be

Baby before I blow it just give me a

chance to show it, this time we can

make it to the end if youre ready to

love again.

I think of the world we used to know.

All of the places that we used to go.

Id do anything to be there now

cause baby I miss you.

I wanna make you see, baby this was

meant to be. Im ready to love again.

Im ready to love you. This itime we

can make it to the end.

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